Strapless bra BESTFORM 25446


Strapless bra BESTFORM 25446. A strapless with incredible grip with a ball and a one millimeter lining that does not add size, with a regular back and detachable reusable straps. Internal silicone all around for better fit and grip. Tip: buy a cup smaller than you wear because it has rich cups. e.g. if you wear E CUP you will buy D cup! Composition: 57% polyamide + 25% polyester + 18% elastane. Its color may not be beige but believe me it is special not to erase even from a white shirt! Its sizes are: C75, C80, D70, D75, D80, D90, E80, E85, E90, F70, F75, F80, F85 and its colors are black and elephant.